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Analysis and data collection

The data collection is made through:

  • Secondary sources.
  • Development of surveys.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Call-Center.

Applying, between others, the next techniques:

  • Personal interview.
  • Telephone interview.
  • Interview web.
  • Interactive surveys.
  • Delphi surveys.
  • Postal surveys.


The principal work lines developed are:

  • Collection of information based on secondary sources: statistics-producing agencies and data bases of institutions and companies.
  • Opinion polls: punctual and regular.
  • Quantitative research: Supply (business surveys), Application (end-user surveys), Distribution, Audience, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Environmental Impact Exploration and Positioning, Economic Situation, Opportunities for New Product Design and Development of Census Design & Development Directory, Pre-Test and Post-Test of Advertising Campaigns, Analysis, Simulation Evaluation of Policy Alternatives, etc.
  • Qualitative research: Group dynamics, Delphis, in-depth surveys, Panel, Picture, Habits, Attitudes, Motivations, Advertising Communication Test, Test, Product Concept, Pseudo-Shopping, Simulations.